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About the River Information

The aim of this part of MRC web site is to inform about current or/and forecasted hydrological conditions in the Mekong basin and to convey this information in an understandable way.

This flood forecasting and river monitoring web site is updated daily during flood season from June to October and weekly on Monday during dry season from November to May.

The Mekong River Commission is interested in feedback from the users of this part of the web site. Please email your requirements, suggestions and remarks to floodforecast@mrcmekong.org.


This information is supplied as a service to the governments of the MRC Member States so that it may be used as a tool within existing national disaster forecast and warning systems. Other organisations and individuals wishing to receive this information directly from the MRC Secretariat should contact the Regional Flood Management and Mitigation Centre at floodforecast@mrcmekong.org.

While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, the MRC is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from use of the information presented on this website. The software and/or products contained herein form only part of the many possible sources of information which trained personnel should consult in analysing and predicting the meteorological environment, and the natural events that may occur. Please consult your national meteorological agency or appropriate specialised meteorological centres for other forecasting products pertinent to your country and/or local area. Details of such agencies on the partners and the links pages of this site.

Links to other information systems providing weather-related information are operated by other organisations, firms, educational institutions, or private parties. These links are offered for convenience and information purposes. The MRC bears no responsibility for information they may carry. Their inclusion here does not constitute an endorsement or an approval of any the products, services, or opinion by the MRC.

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