New features 

New features

Version 1.4.2: 12 August 2010

  • Added: flash flood information by click on Flash Flood Products Menu. August 2010

Version 1.4.1: 11 June 2009

  • Added: one new hydrometeorological station in China on the map of the main flood page (Jinghong station). June 2009.

  • Added: mouse-over to each forecast station on the map, as well as the station list of the main flood page. June 2009.

  • Added: definitions of stages and remarks on the symbols and forecast specific. June 2009.

  • Added: guidelines for use of telemetry data and additional stations (Jinghong and Manan stations) to the Water Level Data menu. June 2009.

  • Added: a column to Tabular Data menu - download the Flood Forecasting Bulletin, showing the graphic representation on the change of water level for each station. June 2009.

  • Added: practical information about the accuracy of the forecasts. June 2009.

  • Enhanced:  weather information. June 2009.

Version 1.3.2: 5 June 2008

  • Added: Link to download the Flood Forecastin Bulletin (during flood season) in the tabulardata webpage.

Version 1.3.1:  10 January 2008

  • Added: Links. Information on weather forecasts, flood forecasts, warnings and related information in the Lower Mekong River Basin from member country states and international agencies.

  • Moved: Disclaimer to About this site.

  • Updated: Weather. Links to each city weather forecast provided have been updated. The weather forecasts are now extended to 8-day forecast.

Version 1.2:  30 October 2001

  • Added: Rainfall data. Estimates of actual and forecasted daily precipitation for the Mekong region on a sub-basin level.  The information is presented tabular and in a graph, together with 9 maps.

  • Added: Current and forecasted flood extent maps, and flood depth change maps currently available for stations downstream from Kompong Cham (included). On a daily basis, 6 maps are generated for each of these stations: current, forecasted and change estimates on 50 by 50 km. and 100 by 100 km. maps. Click here for an example.

  • Added: On the Overview page, Upper Mekong page, Central Mekong page, and Lower Mekong page, arrows on the map show the rising or falling of the river levels for the current day.

  • Added: Timestamp on relevant pages. 

  • Changed: Graphs on station pages (4 times smaller in size for quicker downloads).

  • Changed: 7-day water level forecasts instead of 5-day forecasts (5-day forecasts are currently not available).

Version 1.1:  9 August 2001

  • Changed: Buttons for easier navigation

  • Added: A schematic cross-section for each station, showing actual water level

  • Added: A distinction between flood level and alarm level. The forecast graphs and the season graphs show them both if an alarm level is clearly defined (not for all stations)

  • Changed: The water level charts are easier to read by setting variable minimum and maximum y-values (observations are more stretched-out vertically)

  • Added: A link from each station page to an illustrated page with description of flood and alarm levels and flood and alarm stages.

  • Added: Close to 1000 maps. For each station, a series of maps are available on different scales regarding flood risk, land use and topography. In addition, these maps are available for the whole basin.

  • Added: What's new page

Version 1.0: 16 July 2001

  • First release